Animal Control


Animal Control is a mandated County enforcement agency for the purpose of protecting the community from rabies. This is accomplished through leash laws, vaccinations and registration requirements, as well as patrolling and controlling dangerous and vicious dogs. The Animal Control Department moved to 1701 Industrial Park Road, Rock Falls Illinois in 2009 in able to have more space to accommodate better conditions for the boarding animals. Dangerous, vicious or running at large dogs are picked up and taken to the Whiteside County Pound where they are cared for until the owner is found or the dog is humanely disposed of. Whiteside County Animal Control has contracts with 14 municipalities in Whiteside County to enforce their leash law. Whiteside County Animal Control protects the community from biting dogs with education, fines and impoundments.


1701 Industrial Park Rd.
Rock Falls, IL 61071
9:00AM – 5:00PM Monday-Friday
Phone: 815-625-3507
Fax: 815-625-7559

1701 Industrial Park Rd.
Rock Falls, IL 61071
9:00AM - 4:00PM Monday - Friday
Phone: 815-625-3507

Adoption Center:
In 2014 the Whiteside County Board of Health gave Animal Control permission to develop an adoption center. Renovation was completed in January of 2015 and the adoption center opened in February 2015. Impounded dogs and cats deemed adoptable by the Animal Control Warden whom have not been claimed by an owner, are placed in the adoption center. For further information, click on our Adoption Center Policy.

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